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    Contract Logistics

    G4 Logistics has been building custom logistics solutions to flex with our clients' fluctuations in demand.

    We set up comprehensive warehousing operations from design and layout to ongoing operations. We know Contract Logistics is not simply the process of moving goods, but a far more comprehensive course of action that merges traditional logistics with supply chain management processes.  At G4 Logistics we move with precision to provide transparent care.


    Strategic accumulation points in the supply chain can be used to consolidate shipping volumes for the following

    • Mode Shift
    • Vendor Quality Control
    • Freight and Cost Management

    By using high velocity cross-dock operations you can create effective freight cost-management operations.


    Sort and Segregation

    Coupled with the cross-dock infrastructure, effective order sorting and segregating makes for a nimble node of operations.

    Your supply chain can better control freight costs and vendor compliance for inbound materials as well as for outbound deliveries.  Let us show you how these tools can take your distribution network to the next level.




    G4 Logistics can provide a full turn-key logistics solution for your distribution and inventory control needs. We understand the operational discipline needed to execute in the realm of Six Sigma and zero defects.

    • Order Fulfillment
    • Pick-&-Pack
    • Inventory Control
    • Cycle Counting
    • Repacking / Kitting

    VMI Solutions

    When your supply chain has high volumes and repeatable supply-side orders for modular manufacturing and/or assembly operations; one of the most effective solutions for just-in-time supplier support and cash-flow management is a VMI Program.

    G4 Logistics can help you build and manage an effective program for your operations, saving you both time and money.



    15 Minutes - Free Fresh Perspective

    Talk to an expert about your International Transportation Needs from either an International Freight Management or International Freight Forwarding perspective.  We like to listen.  Schedule a free 15-minute virtual consultation with our team at G4 Logistics.
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