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    International Control Tower

    We know staying connected with an array of options across profitability and performance can be daunting.

    We perform these calculations daily. Let us put our Control Tower knowledge to work for you.


    Control Tower

    When shippers deal with moving goods from multiple manufacturing and distribution locations across the globe, things can get complex. A common response is to build complex solutions.

    At G4 we focus on building simple and transparent solutions that allow our partners and customers to see the value each member is bringing to the solution.


    Our Airfreight and Ocean freight partners are trusted pieces of our supplier network.  G4 Logistics International has built a tested group, open to sharing information on performance.  We reciprocate with providing steady business and anticipating needs.

    Mode Selection and Management

    We know modes and methods you are using today are a function of time and the normal changes in volume.  We also know questioning these assumptions and taking a broader view to balance time, speed and cost is another way to find more stable and efficient modes for shippers.

    With G4's network of carriers we have a bench of partners who have grown to appreciate our transparency and service.

    Planning and Routing

    Given our trans-global experience across many different supply chain and manufacturing verticals we have a pulse on what solutions work for specific problems.  We are confident in meeting the challenges surrounding timing and cost.


    Freight Bill Services

    Once you negotiate the tariffs and set the service in motion having a formal and independent audit process has been proven to save from 1% to 3% of a company’s freight spend in the first 90 days of activity and maintains a quality of billing that helps avoid accounting errors and claims issues into the future. 

    At G4, we have the expertise and the service partners to build a self-funding cost-saving engine for your business.

    Reporting and Analytics

    With customizable views into your operations, G4 knows how important it is to establish baseline KPIs and make those measurements available for all to see.  

    “Measure what matters and what matters will get done! “

    At G4, we know the importance of transparency and timely reporting of information to identify trends and give clarity around actions needed for continuous improvement in your logistics and supply chain activities.

    Air Freight

    With over 25 years of international experience we've built long-standing relationships that allow us to quickly understand the best options for your freight. 

    We know the lanes and we will use what we learn about your Air Freight needs to craft the best solution considering speed, price and transparency.

    Ocean Freight

    Whether you are anchored in the U.S. and have a distribution platform extending across Asian Pacific, Europe and Africa we have you covered.  With industrial and consumer goods expertise across the globe we can get you in the right Ocean Freight service to mitigate costs and maximize consistency.

    Customs House Brokerage

    Customs Brokerage is not just tactical it is strategic.  Let us show you how to build and use a strategic plan for thoroughly navigating Customs in a repeatable and scalable way.

    We pride ourselves on knowing the details that matter and insulating your supply chain process for success.

    Managed Global Transportation

    G4 is able to offer global freight management solutions a-la-carte or in a comprehensive package. 

    We are betting on ourselves for you.  We know that with transparency and service you'll notice the difference.


    15 mins Free Fresh Perspective

    Talk to an expert about your International Transportation Needs from either an International Freight Management or International Freight Forwarding perspective.  We like to listen.  Schedule a free 15-minute virtual consultation with our team at G4 Logistics.
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